Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Timeline of an Afternoon Spent in Sterling, Studying

2pm: I begin "writing".
2:30pm: I begin writing.
4pm: A discreet announcement made on the P.A. system: Sterling will close in an hour.
4:15pm: A discreet announcement made on the P.A. system: Sterling will close in forty-five minutes.
4:30pm: A man runs into the reading room and yells: "WE ARE CLOSING IN 15 MINUTES."
4:40pm: A janitor starts vacuuming in the reading room.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 20, 2008

Thomas Kaplan's writing for the Yale Daily News was almost entirely the inspiration for this blog. There have plenty in the last few weeks - especially an article where the layout staff embedded an analysis article by Kaplan inside a news article also by Kaplan on the same topic. I'll dig it up and link to it sometime.

But, for now, here's a single article from February 20th:

Thomas Kaplan, "Expansion plans seek to eliminate annexing"

"Several years from now, hundreds of Yale students will likely have two new residential colleges to call home..."

Yes. You wrote about this yesterday.

"...But scores more from existing colleges will enjoy new surroundings - those of their own colleges..."


"...which should no longer have to annex upperclassmen in Old Campus dormitories due to overcrowding..."

Ok, so here's my chief problem with this article. The day before it ran, the YDN ran a banner headline something along the lines of LEVIN ISSUES HUGE IMPORTANT LETTER ANNOUNCING REPORT ABOUT NEW RESIDENTIAL COLLEGES IT'S HAPPENING READ THIS. Now, they kind of wrote a lot of words about this letter. And the editor who assigned this article to Kaplan appearantly didn't read it because the annex thing wasn't hidden. It wasn't announced yesterday. It was part of point III. of the letter. Even I read that far. This article shouldn't have been run as news. Maybe as part of a feature, but not as news.

"...As it stands now, a shortage of beds in..."

I admittedly stopped reading after this point.

Just one comment on February 21. Again, Kaplan, this time in "Donations decline by 10 percent":

"Just as University officials begin to strategize for what would presumably amount to hundreds of millions of alumni dollars to help pay for two new residential colleges,..."

I mean, I know this is a lead, but honestly. First off, "University officials begin to strategize" is news to me. I was under the impression that the Corporation hasn't even seen the report yet. This is nitpicking, but "presumably" and "alumni dollars" are ugly turns of phrase.